APPIE was established in 1971 in Japan with objectives to widely promote the sound development of powder technology and the improvement of studies, research and education on powder industry through collaboration between industry, academia and government. In 2009, with the cooperation from ProcessNet, APPIE will be pleased to invite various actors related to powder technology from the world to an international forum IPTF2009 at ACHEMA, aiming the achievement of stronger ties between Germany and Japan on the cutting-edge powder science and technology. This forum will encourage participations both from industry and academia, pursuing possibility of global industry-academia collaboration. Considering this forum as a milestone for its future performance, APPIE now plans to start offering “International Advanced Powder Technology Forum” as a regular international meeting. Nanotechnology, pharmaceutical and crystallization will be discussed individually at ACHEMA, and this forum will deal with subjects that are of mutual importance in all issues above mentioned: particle interface, particle interaction, evaluation and analysis of adhesion/aggregation and the control and application will be mainly discussed. Unlike many of the conventional conferences that generally have more involvement from academia, this forum will challenge to encourage active participation from industry, providing an easier access to the forum. The vitalization of the global industry-academia alliance will be expected.