Today, powder becomes tremendously various and complicated due to the recent technology development. For responding to this situation, powder technology (for pharmaceutical particle design in particular) seems entering a new arena to seek the possibility for further development through an integration of various technologies such as crystallization and nano-technology. This forum aims to discuss how to bridge the conventional powder technology and other technologies to establish a global network for the future development of powder technology.


Having the cooperation from the Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering, Japan (APPIE) and ProcessNet in Germany, the forum will encourage participations both from industry and academia, pursuing possibility of global industry-academia collaboration. While nanotechnology, pharmaceutical technology and crystallization will be discussed individually at ACHEMA, this forum will deal with subjects that are of mutual importance in all issues above mentioned. Interfaces, particle interfaces, particle interactions, evaluation and analysis of adhesion/aggregation and the control and application will be mainly discussed.


At the podium discussion, issues in specialized areas will be discussed and the forum will be pleased to invite you to join the discussions to connect with the latest information and wisdom offered by leading researchers. Ideas and thoughts from attendees on the future perspectives on where the forum should be headed will be highly welcome.


Prof. Yoshiaki Kawashima, Aichi Gakuin University, Japan
Chair of IPTF2009


The forum will suggest: plenary and keynote lectures and panel discussions by invited speakers, short oral and poster presentations by industrial APPIE members and academia. In the panel discussions, leading researchers and engineers will assemble for exchanging their views on key issues, the latest technology, research system, etc. Providing English-German-Japanese simultaneous interpretation is under consideration.


Official language

The official language of the forum is English.